Thursday, October 20, 2011

banana peppers

A jar of banana peppers was one of the things in the treasure trove of goodies I received most recently from my friends at Rotten Apple Ranch in Sebastopol. It took a while for me to even open the jar because they were so beautiful! Before I opened them up I got out my paints and recorded them for posterity. Very inspiring!

Since my trip to Denmark this summer I've been obsessed with recreating the flavors of the open faced sandwiches we always enjoy there. After searching around I found a bread that is very similar to one of my Danish favorites. It's from Trader Joe's and is called "European Style Whole Grain Bread". 

After stacking this dark bread full of nuts and seeds with roast beef, dill Havarti cheese and remoulaude sauce, these banana peppers are the perfect final touch. (This is my favorite combo lately.) The garlic in the peppers is a nice background accent to their flavor which is mellow enough for the other flavors in the sandwich to come through. They have a subtle tang and, surprisingly, a bit of a bite to them at the end.

 I wish this jar was bottomless...

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