Thursday, June 9, 2011

office happenings

So I walk into my office after getting a coffee refill from the kitchen and this is the scene. Ladybug's station during the day is behind my chair on a mound of heart shaped pillows tucked in the folds of the wooden screens along the wall. For some reason that only a pug could know she found the wall of wood beside her irresistibly delicious! She licked it for a good couple of minutes before going back to her rhythmic snoring. 

Check out that tongue! Usually it's hanging out of the side of her mouth because she has no teeth left to hold it in. Crazy pug!

(for those without the Flash plug-in)


  1. hA! 100% of our cats like to lick a tiny wooden dish i keep in my studio...hmmm.

  2. Oh my the joys of being a dog. Lick, snore, sleep, dream, eat, run, and back again lol.