Tuesday, June 21, 2011


©2011, Monika Roe

This past weekend my man and I had the pleasure of attending his cousin Karen's wedding at the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort in San Luis Obispo. Karen and her new husband Mike have the kind of relationship that most people envy. They have a great sense of humor about life and themselves and they laugh a lot. They also pay attention to each other, making sure the other is taken care of, which I think is key in a successful relationship.

Of course when I was thinking about what to do for this week's Illustration Friday topic of "launch", I thought their recent launch into married life together was the perfect subject!

Karen LOVES the color purple so purple was incorporated in all aspects of their wedding. They also love country music so there were also western touches here and there, like the bride lassoing the groom figurine on top of their cake! She also had the most fabulous high heeled lace boots that gave her lace overlay strapless dress a bit of funky country western flair. Mike wore a black suit with long coat, purple dress shirt with a black western tie and of course black cowboy boots!

The newly wed couple was absolutely glowing all evening long and to be in the presence of such a profound love was truly inspiring!


  1. This is simply exquisite both execution and concept!

  2. Just amazing!! Your concept is killer and I love how personalized you made it. Clever and appealing to the eye, the true mark of a great illustrator.

    Meag xx

  3. What an "uplifting" piece! Haha, and I very much enjoyed the story that accompanied it.

  4. Love your style...this is wonderful! (I was just down in San Luis Obispo myself...for my youngest's college graduation - yay!)

  5. superb concept...very creative...so many great posts from you lately!!

  6. I agree with Salli - you've been doing some great stuff! I want to be you when I grow up!