Thursday, March 3, 2011

red collage #1

©2011, Monika Roe

This is a new page in my collage book! My self imposed restrictions were that it had to be predominately red and images had to be from the 3 randomly selected magazines I grabbed from my stash.

I like that the meaning of the word "sick" is up to the viewer. Do you need a red lipstick and handbag to lift your spirits when you're not feeling well or do you want them when you're feeling like a femme fatale and want to show off the fact that you're "sick!"


  1. monika!!! between this bit of delicious-ness and your wonderful tribute to the amazing jane russell I am putting you on the highest pedestal of "illustration greatness"! one of our TDAC readers ended up getting lost on your website for an hour after seeing your recipes ; )

  2. wow, wow, WOW!!! Thanks so much Salli! I'm really grateful for your (and Nate's) generosity in showcasing me on TDAC! You guys did an AMAZING job on the redesign. I've been meaning to tell you how the new features boggle my mind with coolness!