Thursday, December 9, 2010

not in a hurry curry

©2010, Monika Roe

I used a crockpot for the first time EVER yesterday! I know! First time EVER! I cook a lot so it may sound weird to those who know me that I've never used this commonplace appliance before. Heck, I even OWNED a crockpot years ago, but never used it. The whole concept seemed so planned. And planning that far in advance for a casual dinner was never appealing to me. But when I came across this recipe for Slow Cooker Coconut & Green Curry Pork* I couldn't get it out of my head. So, I borrowed a crockpot and fired it up for this 8 hours of curry goodness.

The whole crockpot idea seems '50s to me (even though it wasn't invented until the '70s), so I drew this illustration in a retro style!

*You can find the full recipe at I made one change to the recipe, I used lite coconut milk in place of the regular. Still yummy.

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  1. omg. monika this is AWESOME! love the lettering layout. love the color. love it ALL! well not the pork but that's besides the point. this will make nate want to buy a crock pot !