Thursday, December 2, 2010

cake truffles

©2010, Monika Roe

During December, really early in the mornings or really late at night I'm probably in the kitchen working on my holiday baking. There are certain recipes I look forward to making every year. Those pages in my recipe notebook have become quite a mess over the years, but reprinting clean copies isn't an option, in fact, it would be sacrilege! And then there are recipes that end up in my repertoire completely by accident. This is one of those recipes. Made one year because the recipe was so highly reviewed online, I now get requests for it every year.

Forget about my time consuming gingerbread with it's super secret ingredient. Alton Brown's fruitcake with it's deliciously long list of ingredients and 2 weeks of steeping time? Not interested! Sigh. THIS is the recipe people look forward to every year, despite the fact that it calls for just a few ingredients and those ingredients are as common as you can get. I give you: "cake balls". Yes, "cake balls". I changed the name to the more elegant sounding "cake truffles", but I admit they are really just "cake balls". Laugh amongst yourselves...

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  1. what???!!! oh YUM! i love the illo even more than i would love the chocolate truffles...beautiful composition.