Thursday, February 7, 2013


Almost a year ago I was invited to be part of a project called "pie•ography". This cookbook is unique because it tells the stories and conveys the lives of each contributor through the ingredients in their pie. My life represented by a pie! So I got to work formulating a new pie recipe that would reflect my life. What I came up with is "Redhead's Sky-high Stiletto Pie" (shown in my photo above), it starts with a layer of chocolate, followed by a rum flavored custard, covered with a layer of fresh raspberries, topped with an immense pile of meringue and finally dusted with edible glitter!

Although there was no illustration involved, it was an honor to be included in this book with so many other fabulous women! My copy of the finished book arrived in the mail a few days ago and here's a look:

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