Tuesday, November 30, 2010

cold weather, hot cocoa

©2010, Monika Roe

Sometimes when the weather gets cold (oh yeah, it does happen in California!) my coffee mania gives way to a craving for hot chocolate. Tonight I'm indulging in a warm and cozy mug of Chocolate Azteca by Tio Pablo of Auckland, New Zealand. It's an "Oaxacan blend of dark cocoa, cinnamon and chili spices". To order yours go to www.tiopablo.co.nz. Mmmmmm......


  1. i want some!!!!! love this illo and i love your rice pudding recipe ; ) rice pudding is a weakness of mine, without raisins!

  2. Thanks Salli! Agreed, NO raisins!!! The rice pudding recipe is especially delicious because of the whipped cream folded into it, it gives it a lighter texture and an extra YUM factor!